Hybrid Brows are a combination of Microblading using a handheld tool & Shading using a machine. Hybrid Brows are great for full natural yet professional stance of a eyebrow

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Single eyebrow dark brown micro shading.

Micro Shading , Walnut Creek, Ca. A “Beauty Maker”- Ms is a simple in depth technique that will ENHANCE & STRENGTHEN the apperance of your eyebrow. Simply, placing chosen colour of pigment beneath the hairs & along the browline. Nevertheless if you are not sure about a specific design Microshading can stand alone.  Absolutely, this…

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About Us

  The “Beauty Maker” boosting confidence one brow @ a time. Using Semi & Permanent Cosmetics.  Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care & services; EYEBROWS created will highlight your natural beauty & transform your look. Assuring you time saving solutions to your brow routine. Boosted confidence with long lasting healed results. PMU is gorgeous & easy to maintain it gives you the freedom to “Get Up & Go BROWS!” Clearly a time saver. An absolute “Beauty Maker” they are waterproof & do NOT smudge or smear. Gym time! Do my yard work! Whatever the case maybe you are ready.  Expert advice @ The Signature Brow Company for your semi or permanent cosmetic look. These are Elegant & Classy, BOLD & VIBRANT or Natural & Full.  Each brow design is precisely laid with custom Colours to choose from integrating fine talent with quality tools & high-quality medical-grade pigments.

Nevertheless, The Signature Brow Co. wants you to look and feel confidently beautiful. PMU Powder Brows look as if you just applied fresh make-up. A game changer in your beauty make-up routine, Full & Fluffy or Thin & Wispy Signature Brows are designed for you! Ombre Powder Brows are created to give a fashionable look with no harsh fronts, A detailed outline & BOLD layering of pixel pigmentation. Absolutely Stunning! Besides “BROWS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!” Unquestionably add character & are expressive words you can’t hear. Importantly PMU has been around for ages! Above all, it is SAFE when done by a Certified & Licensed Professional.

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