Micro Blading


Eyebrow microblading has helped countless clients feel more confident about their overall appearance. This not only gives you fuller brows but also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, consequently giving a youthful appearance. Microblading eyebrows is undoubtedly the ultimate game changer.  Professionals use strokes to create a fuller or more natural looking set of brows using a hand tool and tiny blade which releases pigments into the dermis.

The microblading aftercare is also simple and easy to follow. To make sure that the brows sit well, clients need to make a 6 week follow-up visit to the clinic where we observe that the total healing process has been obtained.

Are you allergic to ink? Have you had a tattoo before? If not, no problem we will do a patch test behind the ear prior to applying PMU.

Microbladding and PMU have been around for centuries “MicroBladding is great when achieving that natural look and are specifically tailored just for you”.
The Microblading Aftercare is also simple and easy to follow. Your artist will give you take home instruction.